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Without being told

The bear behind the wheel

According to my Character Stat Info I’m a 24 year old male of mannish stock, with my current profession firmly squared away as Student. Apparently I rolled pretty decent on most of my Attributes so I can quickly pick up most important skills but it seems the “massive nerd” trait was a bit of a blow to my Charisma Score.. Luckily I gained a decent amount of knowledge skills for it in return!!

“Bear” as nickname has stuck with me over many a year now. I’d like to think that it’s for my attentiveness, devotion and passion but common sense would dictate that traits such as large, hairy and huggable seem to be more at fault for that. I am however, just like bears, adventurous, often looking for a new experience to enrich my life. Experiences that will in turn allow me to craft deeper experiences for others to enrich their lives with.

Skill list

Mechanics Designer 77%
Level Designer 53%
Graphic Designer 67%
Coder 82%
Web Designer 33%
World Builder 42%

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My Resume

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