The RPG Action map

Also known as…

Fantasy Tabletop Role Playing & Combat Simulation Game Fictional Positioning Action Map

Remove the clutter and the complexity, keep the clarity. A simple mapping system to support narrative based games.

The Action Map helps you bridge the gap between the complexity of most combat simulation RPG’s while keeping the lightness and brevity of more narrative based RPG. Replacing movement speed and more with combat sectors and providing additional rules for those players that love the structure of combat grids, but not the 2 hour long fights.

The aim of this project is to

  • Grant greater freedom from the stricter base design
  • Keep the original structure to guide the pace of battle
  • Support narrative based game play in Combat Simulation types of RPG’s
  • remove the amount of “Book Keeping” on both the players and the Game Master

This is a live document and will continue to be updated for the foreseeable future

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