What the Cluck

A frantic 4v4 fight between two farmer families to prove once and for all… who can handle their cock the best…

What the Cluck is a Cross-Platform Multiplayer Arena Area Control game where both sides fight to gain control over the enemies barn.

WtC is a Student Project made at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart during my exchange period there. The main foci of the project were a Cross-Platform multiplayer game, to be created within the span of 6 months by a team of 27 students. My task within the project was as “Senior Designer” working together with both the lead and the rest of the designer team as the connecting bridge between both.

During the project I mainly worked in Documentation and with the UE 4 blueprints. working on the design of the AI, the Core Mechanics, UI Design, World Building and Quality Assurance.

During this project I also collaborated with the Sound Engineer for both creating the in-game Voice lines and Acting these out.


PC, PLaystation 4



Unreal Engine, Blueprints, Jura, Confluence, Scrum






6 Months


Team size

Engineers: 12 

Designers: 8

Graphics: 4

Management: 2

Sound: 1

Total: 27